Arduino Bootcamp : Learning Through Projects

Arduino Bootcamp : Learning Through Projects

Build electronics projects using Arduino with step-by-step tutorials

Arduino Projects for beginners, intermediate and advanced hobbyists and students.

Learn programming and about electronics and sensors and how to connect them to Arduino by building complete projects from scratch!

Start Building Arduino Projects Right Now! $10.99 Lifetime Access!

Start with Simple Arduino Projects

Learning to use a push button switch to operate an LED with Arduino
Work with LEDs
Learning to use a potentiometer to control the brightness of an LED with Arduino
Work with Potentiometers
Learn to use transistors and control a CPU fan with Arduino
Work with Transistors
Make an LED Reaction game with Arduino
Work with Push Button Switches

If you are new to Arduino, the first lessons will get you quickly up to speed on what the platform is and how to use it. You can then progress to simple projects which get you comfortable with basic electrical components.

You will be working with LEDs, Push Button Switches, Piezo Buzzers, Potentiometers and Transistors. All the details on how these components work will be described in detail in the step by step tutorials and videos and you will learn how to communicate with these devices using Arduino.

Start Today!

Progress to Intermediate Arduino Projects

Build a digital dice using a seven segment display connected to a button and arduino
Learn to use Seven Segment Displays
We build an infrared repeater circuit that can copy and playback infrared signals
Work with Infrared Receivers and Transmitters
Use a thumb joystick and an LED Matrix display to build an addictive game with Arduino
Work with an LED Matrix
Use piezo buzzers to build a recall game with buttons. You listen to the note sequence and play them back exactly to win!
Build Games

For those already familiar with Arduino who want to take their skills to the next level, you can jump straight to the intermediate projects section. There, we will focus on making game-type projects using the Arduino and even an infrared repeater that can allow you to copy, store, and playback any IR signal, just like your own universal remote.

We dive into making some game applications with Arduino that use light and sound. You will also learn about infrared sensors and will incorporate a thumb joystick and 8x8 LED Matrix display to build a fun and highly addictive game.

Tackle Advanced Arduino Projects

Build a car that you can control with a bluetooth app
Build a car controlled via an App
We build a pan-tilt swivel that is controlled via a Wii Nunchuck using Arduino
Hack a Wii Nunchuck
Learn how to build an Open Source Phone using Arduino
Build your own Arduino Phone
Build a stopwatch using a 4 digit seven segment LED
Build a Stopwatch
Learn how to build an online weathe station that connects to the internet to retrieve weather information based on your GPS location
Use LCD Screens and Wifi Shields
Learn how to interface with a Wii Nunchuck to determine the direction of the joystick and if the buttons are pressed
Work with Joysticks

Next, for those that might be already comfortable with Arduino, there is an advanced projects section where we tackle projects like an online weather station, remote-controlled car that you can drive with a smart phone app, and a working phone that can make actual calls and send text messages and many more.

These projects build on basic concepts and incorporate some of the lessons that were learned from fundamental tutorials. With step-by-step videos you will build the circuits and code reviews are preformed so you can understand how the hardware and software play together.

After completing these advanced projects you will have a very good understanding of the Arduino platform. You will gain the confidence to be able to tackle complex projects and ideas of your own.

Start Right Now!

Why in the world would I pay $10.99 for this when I could get a bunch of Arduino Tutorials on the Internet for FREE??

Here’s the thing. This course is packed full of step by step video guides to build projects starting with Simple and progressing to Intermediate and Advanced.

It’s not only meant to teach you how to use Arduino effectively, but all the electronics principles of the components sensors and peripherals you will be using.

All the electronics background details are covered pertaining to the project, we walk through the building and circuit setup step by step and then do a line-by-line code review of the code used in the project.

You get the WHOLE picture from electronics to building to coding! Try searching for that on the Internet!

Maybe, but most times I guess NOT. Is that really the best way to learn? You may not understand how something is working and why it is not working. You can try posting a question or even doing some more googling. More and more hours of your time wasted.

When you purchase this course, you get direct access to me and you can ask questions directly to me about the projects you are working on or ANY Arduino questions in general. I have been making projects with Arduino for the past 10 years. Why not leverage my experience and the experience of other pros.

Don’t waste hours and hours trying to find answers to questions from sources that may be unreliable.

You will have access to my knowledge plus can get direct help from my community of Arduino makers and learners.

How nice it is to ask a question and get a reliable and accurate answer in a couple hours.

The problem with trying to learn electronics and Arduino by Googling and scouring the Internet like I did the HARD WAY is that it is DIFFICULT to get the whole picture.

Why not learn Arduino in a structured and logical way! Start with simple concepts and progress to more advanced material in logical order. It is the most effective way to learn the platform.

This course is logically structured, assuming you have NO knowledge at the beginning. It introduces the basics and gets progressively more difficult as you gain confidence and experience.

Even if you have some basic Arduino knowledge you can jump right into Intermediate and Advanced projects to start from any level.

It is catered to everyone!

With over 9.5 hours of high quality video and instruction, anyone can learn something new about Arduino at any level.

Chances are NOT LIKELY. They may have long gone and moved on to other things. Support is mostly hit or miss. That has always been my experience.

When you purchase this course, all the code is supported! You can ask any question about it.

If there are any issues or bugs as libraries get updated or changed, I will always support and fix the code. It is constantly living and will not go out of date. If a new Arduino IDE or built-in library changes that causes any code to break for whatever reason, I guarantee that it will be fixed and supported.

Your projects will always work! There is nothing to worry about.

  • Want high quality videos with step by step instructions Covered
  • You want to understand the electronics principles behind the projects you build and how the sensors and peripherals work and what measurements are involved Covered
  • You get the circuit diagrams Covered
  • You get step-by-step videos on building the circuits Covered
  • You get the code for the project Covered
  • You get a line by line code review of the Code Covered
  • Want full time access to the instructor with support to get your questions answered Covered
  • This is the best way to learn Arduino!
  • You get the WHOLE PICTURE! Electronics, Arduino, Circuit Setup, Coding and Programming!

30 day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied FOR ANY REASON!

At $10.99, this course is easily worth hundreds of dollars. What a steal!

Try it out and if it is not hands down the best Arduino learning experience you have had, get your money back in 30 days! No Questions Asked!

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Welcome Message and Helpful Tips
  • Parts List
  • Simple Projects
  • Controlling an LED with a Push Button Switch
  • Controlling a Piezo Buzzer with a Push Button Switch
  • Using a Potentiometer to Adjust LED Brightness
  • Controlling a CPU Fan - Part 1 - User Input Control Free Preview
  • Controlling a CPU Fan - Part 2 - Button Speed Control
  • LED Reaction Game - Part 1 - Interrupt Demo
  • LED Reaction Game - Part 2
  • Advanced Projects
  • Stopwatch - Part 1 - Controlling a 4 Digit Segment Display
  • Stopwatch - Part 2 - Using a Shift Register for the 4 Digit Segment Display
  • Stopwatch - Part 3 - Completing the Project
  • Pan-Tilt Assembly Control - Part 1 - Hacking a Wii Nunchuk
  • Pan-Tilt Assembly Control - Part 2 - Servos
  • Pan-Tilt Assembly Control - Part 3 - Frame Assembly
  • Pan-Tilt Assembly Control - Part 4 - Controlling with the Wii Nunchuk
  • Online Weather Station - Part 1 -Using a 1602 LCD Screen to Display Information
  • Online Weather Station - Part 2 - Using a Wifi Shield to Connect to a Network
  • Online Weather Station - Part 3 - Final Assembly
  • Remote Controlled Car - Part 1- Understanding DC Motors
  • Remote Controlled Car - Part 2-1 - Using a Motor Driver
  • Remote Controlled Car - Part 2-2 - Using a Motor Driver - Demo and Code Review
  • Remote Controlled Car - Part 3 - Understanding Bluetooth connectivity
  • Remote Controlled Car - Part 4-1 - Assembling our Car
  • Remote Controlled Car - Part 4-2 - Assembling our Car
  • Remote Controlled Car - Part 5 - Controlling via an Android App Free Preview
  • Open Source Phone - Part 1 - Understanding the Parts and Assembly
  • Open Source Phone - Part 2 - Making a Call, Sending SMS, Tune in FM Frequencies
  • Closing
  • Closing Comments
  • Bonus Content
  • How to Apply External Power In Arduino Projects
  • Many different models exist for Arduino. Which one should you use and why?

Learn about Electronics

Along the way, you will learn about and become extremely proficient with the following components and understand exactly how they work as they will be incorporated in projects:

  • Breadboards
  • LEDs
  • Active and Passive Buzzers
  • Switches
  • Potentiometers
  • Transistors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Seven Segment LEDs (single and four digit)
  • Infrared Receivers
  • Joysticks
  • 8x8 Matrix LEDs
  • Shift Registers
  • DC Motors
  • Servos
  • LCD Screens
  • Bluetooth Modules
  • Wifi and GSM Shields
  • And much much more...

How is the course structured?

The course is broken up into a Simple Projects section, an Intermediate Projects section and an Advanced Projects section allowing you to progress to or start from any level based on how comfortable you are with Arduino.

What are the requirements?

  • Be curious about Arduino
  • Have the desire to build fun, cool and exciting projects as a way to learn Arduino
  • Prefer a hands-on approach to learning
  • No previous electronics or programming knowledge required
  • All electronics and programming principles will be taught from scratch
  • Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • Arduino Start Up Kit will be helpful (connecting wires, breadboard, resistors, push button switches etc.) A kit will get you through at least 80% of the course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Build a remote-controlled car you can drive with a smart phone app
  • Build your own cell phone that you can make/receive calls and send/receive text messages with
  • Build games using the Arduino incorporating light, sound and joystick controllers
  • Understand components like ultrasonic sensors, motor drivers, servos, transistors, bluetooth/wifi/gsm modules
  • Understand many common electronic components and how they work
  • Have the confidence to build complex electronics projects
  • Learn how to prototype electronics projects
  • Be a confident maker and prototyper

What is the target audience?

  • No previous electronics or programming knowledge required
  • Someone who is interested in learning about the Arduino platform
  • Someone interested in building cool projects
  • Someone interested in learning about electronics
  • Electronics hobbyist
  • Students
  • Makers or Inventors


Don't just take my word for it, listen to what students are saying about the course...

very easy to follow, nicely explained - perfect if you are totally new to arduino

Nick Anders Nielsen

This is proving to be a nice hands on technical course and I am really enjoying it so far I had purchased my UNO starter kit and getting right into and learning is a breeze.

Steven Hughes

The best course so far for Arduino. Everything was explained in details

Orven Bregu

This is a great introductory Arduino course and having finished it I feel more at ease with the topic of microcontrollers generally speaking. The course projects are a lot of fun and are backed up by a decent selection of downloadable pdfs and arduino files . The accompanying videos are also very straight forward, clear and to the point. Lee Assam's presentation of the material is excellent. The course is also nicely paced and beginner friendly Overall the course does a great job of demystifying Arduino programming and is a great introduction to the subject as it is focused on practical project work and not just on the theory. It should allow the learner to progress to more advanced Arduino projects/courses in the future. I highly recommended this course for anyone starting their Arduino programming journey, you will have fun doing the projects and learn as go. Good job all round!

Oliver Doyle

Instructor explained in a very understandable way... I am a beginner and it is helping me a lot to learn. If you want to learn Arduino , don't think just buy this course & join the wonderful learning experience.

Sushant Mane

Amazing course. Really helped me build some real and good examples

Ali Raza